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* You have the digital CD/DVD/USB content, and need a service to manufacture, print and ship your CD/DVD/USB in any quantity to you or your individual customers.

Single Quantity Order Fulfillment

Submit single quantity CD/DVD or USB Flash orders shipped to individual customer. Your product is manufactured on demand at order time and shipped to your customer daily. Use may our Buy Now Buttons.

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Bulk Duplication Services

Do you need a few dozen or a few hundred CD/DVD/USBs made? Our online system makes it easy to set up a project yourself. We can help you set it up if you don't have time. Orders submitted today often ship the next day.

CD/DVD Prices

Bulk Duplication or Single Quantity Fulfillment

Short Run CD/DVD/USB Service

Our automated systems are designed so we can keep prices low even for single quantity orders.

Configure your product once. Order many times, when your customer orders.

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Get started today!
* TrepStar provides a free and easy project management system that enables you to publish the CD/DVD/USB yourself.
* Support is available to help you set up and configure your project.
* We offer high quality, quick turnaround time, and a low price at any quantity.
* Call us now at (612) 810-4040.

CD/DVD/USB On Demand. Manufactured and shipped to you or your individual customer in any quantity.

  1. You've created the content for your CD or DVD or USB.

  2. You need your single or multi disc set CD/DVD/USB manufactured and shipped when single customer orders come in or, you need dozens or hundreds made right away and shipped to any location.

TrepStar will manufacture and ship your CD/DVD/USB on demand, at order time, in any quantity, to you or your customers.

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Fast Turnaround

  1. Our easy to use project management system gives you full control.

  2. Create your free project now and finish set up today.

  3. Order and we'll ship the next day.

TrepStar will manufacture and ship your CD/DVD/USB whenever orders arrive, without any up front investment or commitments.

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No Risk

  1. Retail Quality.

  2. No contracts to sign.

  3. No minimum quantity.

  4. Low Price.

  5. Order just what you need, only when you need it.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price for any quantity ordered.

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Set up your free single or multi disc set project:

#1 Set up Project:

Once your project is configured, our automated system insures your price and our costs are kept low whether you need dozens or hundreds of units at once, or a single quantity sent to an individual customer.

Once the project is set up, orders submitted today will ship the next day.

Order submission may be automated.

Produced on demand

#2 Submit your order:

We start manufacturing your CD/DVD/USB products on demand at order time.

Your single, or multi disc CD/DVD/USB product is then packaged, in any quantity, and shipped the next day. If you ship to individual customers, they receive tracking info, and may even edit the shipping address! Submit single quantity orders when your customer orders from your website using your shopping cart, or the TrepStar cart.

The TrepStar Advantage

Project Management System.

Modify and update your project at any time. You can start a project, and come back to it later. You can change a project even after you've started selling product. Most other project management systems make you start over if you need to make a change. With those, you spend hours configuring and uploading your project only to find you've made a mistake, or want to change a minor detail (like changing a graphic).

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Some fulfillment companies act like machines and often don't respond to your email. We are more friendly. We like you to try to use the site resources, help videos, and search feature to find what you're looking for. If that isn't enough, contact us today.

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Shipping and Fulfillment

We charge a low unit cost, plus a base "per order" handling charge. Then, because package options, shipping method, and quantity is different for each order, we add a postage charge based on weight and package size. Click here for exact pricing based on mail method, country, quantity, and packaging.

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Package Undeliverable

We process mail package returns for you. Sometimes, the package comes back in the mail as undeliverable. We look up the customer, and send them an email requesting their correct address. This lets them know there will be a delay in shipment. When they email us back, we resubmit the order for you and resend the package.

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Package Not Received Yet

Some customers email us saying they have not received the package. We look them up, and check the date the package was sent. Depending on the date, we might send them an email asking them to be patient and wait a few more days. The post office occasionally takes an unusually long amount of time to deliver.

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Package Refused

If your customer refuses the package, we let you know by email that we received it so you can process a refund in any way you like. Many other companies simply throw out returns, never giving you any notification.

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